Natalie Westbrook is interviewed by Jeffrey Grunthaner - White Hot Magazine

JEFFREY GRUNTHANER, White Hot Magazine, July 5, 2022

Natalie Westbrook is interviewed by Jeffrey Grunthaner as they speak about portraits within a painting. They discuss an earlier work that we showed at the Dallas Art Fair titled "Grinning Twins."


"NW: Earlier this year I started a new body of work that incorporates faces painted in colorful lighting. I showed the first two works from this series at Dallas Art Fair with Keijsers Koning Gallery, and I continue to develop new paintings from those. I’m exploring theatrical color and light through more dimensional representation, playing in contrast to the flatness of certain mark-making techniques that are meant to reassert the surface and materiality of the painted object. The tension between space and surface continues to be a driving force. When I’m not painting, I’m drawing on paper — often making drawings of my paintings. I included small graphite drawings in my current show as an opportunity to see both the works on paper and the large canvases together in one space. I’ve also recently started experimenting with painted plaster sculpture".  WHM, 2022


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