Dallas Morning News Review for "Breathing Amongst Werewolves"

Danielle Avram, Dallas Morning News newspaper, January 15, 2023

"Under Threat, but Unflinching"

Danielle Avram reviewed our exhibition "Breathing Amongst Werewolves" for the Sunday Arts Section in the Dallas Morning News - January 15th, 2023.


"Since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, artist across the world have addressed reproductive rights, as well as sexual and gender idenity with particular urgency. ...(The exhibition) offers a compelling exploration of these themes. ...The exhibition opens with (Tamara) Johnson's "Gate with Stars and Bungee Cord", which features a broken chain-link gate with a green bungee. The piece is adorned with gold stars, like the kind a teacher would stick on a homework assignment. From the muscles of a Latinx bodybuilder to the bushy underarm of a proud lesbian...(the exhibition) illustrates the range of contemporary femininity." - Danielle Avram