Pepper Magazine's K. Day Gomez reviews "Candy Factory"

Extensive article about the exhibition "Candy Factory" and its importance.

We're delighted to have a featured article in Pepper Magazine, Bart Keijsers Koning spoke about the exhibition with journalist and editor K. Day Gomez about the reactiono to the show and bringing awareness to "other" voices.


"They (Genesis and Eric) both questioned the limits of body, attraction and assumption. This exhibition is their last project together as Genesis passed in 2020." We're hoping to showcase many more intersectional features from the art world that promote these kinds of conversations and encourage our readers to learn more about the great wide beautiful spectrum of gender identity and orientation. And to the southern media outlets still afraid to share the stories of the human beings who exist in their obit, there is hope for you yet. We're happy to lead by example. This is how you uplift your community." - K. Day Gomez, Pepper Magazine, March 2023


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March 21, 2023