Eve Hill-Agnus reviews "Breathing amongst Werewolves"

Eve Hill-Agnus, D Magazine, December 28, 2022

Eve Hill-Agnus writes up "Breathing amongst Werewolves"  and lists it as not to miss this January. 

"In numerous ways, this exhibition at one of Dallas’s newer galleries takes as its starting point the question “What are they so afraid of?” The intelligently installed group show probes bodies and boundaries and draws a parallel between contemporary culture and “the medieval symbolic meaning of a werewolf as an abusive patriarchal power.” The female or female-identifying artists push back against the patriarchy and its strictures through a celebration of self." - Eve Hill-Agnus 2023


Featuring works by Liz Cohen, M Florine Démosthène, Beya Gille Gacha, Barbara Hammer, io, and Tamara Johnson

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On view till January 28, 2023