"Ultimately, I want the work to be more than just despair and, ideally, for it to render visible a language that speaks to the seemingly insurmountable future that lies ahead of us but doesn’t land in a solely funereal place"

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William Burton Binnie was born in Dallas, TX in 1985, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Williamstown, MA. He has had solo exhibitions at LMAKgallery, NY; Paul Loya Gallery, LA; Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA; as well as participated in numerous group exhibitions at MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA; Wilding Crane Gallery, LA; HVW8 Gallery, LA; the Rachofsky House, Dallas; The Public Trust, Dallas; Dallas Contemporary, Dallas. He’s had a residency at the Robert Raushenberg Foundation and was co-founder of the recently closed artist run space Beefhaus which laid the groundwork for art in Dallas. His work can be found in the collection of the Roanoke College – Olin Gallery, and the Bunker collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody.